100 Club Results August - October 2017

 Here are the recent winners of the monthly 100 club draw:





August 1st 11 M. Easterbrook
August 2nd 7 Mrs G. Scott
August 3rd 13 T. Jeffery
September 1st 4 J. Lush-Camps
September 2nd 2 P. Jung
September 3rd 10 A. Jackson
October 1st 20 S. Gilbert
October 2nd 13 T. Jeffery
October 3rd 17 J. Cook

Book Hyde Band

Hyde Band can provide a wide range of ensembles suitable to your event, whether it be a full band for a concert, or a small ensemble to add that extra special touch to your wedding. If you are interested in booking the band, or have any specific requirements for your event, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or refer to our Contacts page. We offer competitive rates, so please make contact for a quote.

Full Band

A full traditional brass band consists of 25 brass players, plus percussionists and a musical director who can act as compere. The full band ensemble would be most suitable for formal concerts, fetes, festivals and accompanying other ensembles such as choirs.

Small Ensemble

Smaller ensembles, typically of between 4 and 10 players can be supplied, although we are happy to cater to any size up to the full band. The small ensemble is most suitable for background music at dinner evenings, professional functions and weddings.


If you would like to add that extra special touch to your big day, why not consider booking a soloist, or duet to play fanfares or music of your choice during the ceremony? A solo cornet or flugel would be most suitable for a fanfare, but any instrument is possible - if you are partial to tuba fanfares!

Training Band

Perhaps you have a school fete or something that requires that touch of youth. If so the Training Band would be perfect. Please see the Training Band page for more information and contact details.

Music Library

The band has an extensive music library available and can accommodate most requests, whether they be for well-known overtures to modern chart music.


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