Winners of the 1st Section at the Bugle Bandsmen’s Festival

Hyde Band, Bugle 2016

Hyde Band made their debut appearance at the West of England Bandsmen’s Festival in Bugle on 18th June 2016. It was a very breezy day down in Bugle and whilst this would not normally be a problem at a contest, at Bugle things are very different. Bugle is an open-air contest and held on a big platform in the middle of the breezy Cornish countryside. Thankfully, our musical director is native to Cornwall and an experienced Bugle competitor, and after much nagging he finally convinced us all to stick our music to cardboard and bring all manner of pegs and magnets to anchor it down. It was just as well, because the wind was blowing hard and our music would have taken off faster than Mary Poppins in force ten if we hadn’t. As a true professional, our Musical Director has been working hard over the last 20+ years to ensure that even under the most severe conditions, he will never blow away!

It was a busy weekend with a double whammy for Hyde Band competing in both the 1st and Championship sections which involved us preparing two test pieces, a hymn and a march. The set pieces in the 1st section were the hymn tune arrangement ‘Thine be the Glory’ by Philip Wilby and the test piece ‘Essay for Brass Band’ by Edward Gregson. Despite the wind, the sun was shining on us that day, because the we were placed 1st for the test piece and 1st the hymn tune. A good day at the office! Later in the day, it was our turn to perform again, but this time we were up with the Championship section playing the march ‘ORB’ by Anderson and the test piece ‘Variations on a Ninth’ by Gilbert Vinter. We were very proud of our performances of both pieces and the soloists really did an excellent job. Although we didn’t finish with a podium position in the Championship section, we were far from disappointed, as this experience served as excellent training and preparation for a band currently at the top of the West of England first section grading tables! Exciting times ahead for Hyde Band!

After the contest, it is customary for all competing bands to march through the beautiful village of Bugle to muster in the village square and listen to the winners of the Championship section giving a short concert. All the band agreed that the atmosphere was electric and something that many Hyde Band members have never experienced before. We definitely have the Bugle bug now and are hoping to compete again next year.



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