February 2003: St Peter and St Paul Church Concert

The band held another a very successful concert at St Peter & St Paul Church in Ringwood on Saturday 18 February 2003 . This is the second time the band have performed in concert in the church since 23 Feb 2002 and we are delighted to announce the final profits after expenses in excess of £700.00. The musical director was complemented many times on his choice of programme. The band have also had several letters from members of the audience reiterating the fact that the programme, which included Salute to Sinatra, Procession to the Minster, Irish Blessing & Jubilee Overture, was extremely popular.

As always many thanks need to be extended to those behind the scenes who put so much hard work into the organisation, ticket selling and the provision of refreshments. This year our special thanks go to Charlie and Jean Croucher and we would also like Charlie to know that all our thoughts and best wishes are with him and his family at this difficult time.


Registered Charity No 1059501