Hyde Band is a not-for-profit organisation and charity. All playing members pay an annual subscription to belong to the band and any funds raised from gigs are added to the band's bank account to cover the day-to-day running costs. For example, rent for the rehearsal room, purchase and maintenance of instruments, new music, costs associated with transferring equipment to and from rehearsal venues and entrance fees to contests to name just a few. Players and band Directors never receive payment for attending gigs or supplying a service to the band.

Elliotts Builders Merchant

Hyde Band are very proud to be sponsored by Elliotts Builders Merchant and would like to thank them for their continued support.

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Bournemouth Water - Training Band Sponsor

Hyde Training Band are excited to announce that we have been fortunate enough to secure some sonsorship for new promotional material from Bournemouth Water, which will attract new players to our ever-growning number of trainees. We would like to extend our thanks to Bournemouth Water

Bournemouth Water

Supporting Hyde Band

There are several ways you can support Hyde Band, other than making a booking for the band to appear at your event. If you own or represent a business and would like some publicity, or a regular booking then we can discuss potential sponsorship arrangements. If you are an individual then you can "Become a Friend of Hyde Band", "Sponsor a Player" and/or make a donation. Each of these options are discussed in more depth below.

Become a Friend of Hyde Band

If you would like to become a Friend of Hyde Band, then please email Sue Bennett on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or alternatively visit our Contact page for other options. Sue would be happy to include you on our list to receive regular newsletters and updates about forthcoming concerts and events.

Sponsor a Player

Perhaps you would prefer to support a particular player as opposed to the band as a whole. If so, then why not consider our Sponsor a Player scheme? You can sponsor a player for as little as £25 per year. If you are interested in sponsoring a player, please get in touch with us through our Contact page.

Make a donation

In the past we have been very lucky to receive various donations from various sources. These donations are always gratefully received and recognised in our quarterly newsletter. If you would like to make a donation to the band, please see our Contact page.


Registered Charity No 1059501